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About Us

This section will let you know a little about who we are, how our office operates, our insurance procedures and how we work to help you.

Our Office

Dormont Chiropractic has been an established family practice in the South Hills area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since 1936. We have helped countless patients feel better and live pain free lifestyles, naturally. Many of our current patients are the children and grandchildren of patients who have been relying on our office to help them to live better, healthier lives through chiropractic. We are dedicated to continue to offer all of our patients and their families the best chiropractic care.

Type of Practice

Our office utilizes the Palmer Method of spinal adjustment, Trigger Point Therapy, and incorporates various diagnosis methods of Applied Kinesiology.  We also offer basic nutritional consultation, we will demonstrate for you the proper sitting, standing, sleeping, and driving positions to minimize possible reoccurrences and we will provide you with exercises developed specifically for your current problem to promote spinal flexibility and stability.

We are dedicated to doing all we can to relieve your pain and help you to stay that way.

We do not set our patients up on lengthy treatment plans. We do encourage our patients to consider periodic spinal check-ups in order to prevent a painful, inconvenient reoccurrence or new occurrence from happening. However, we believe in teaching our patients to become attuned to their bodies and giving our patients full control of their health. Our patients determine when they feel an adjustment is needed. And always, if your unsure if a visit is needed, we are only a phone call or email away.

Payment and Insurance

We are an independent office and are not affiliated with any HMO's or PPO's. This allows us to see all types of patients at any income level regardless of their insurance plan or lack thereof.  (read more about why)

We do offer complementary Insurance Billing

If you belong to an Insurance plan that will cover chiropractic services we will be glad to do all the paperwork for you. The paperwork is submitted on your behalf and we direct your insurance company to send any amount they cover directly to you*. We will assist you in receiving reimbursement as much as possible.

*The EXCEPTION to this policy is for Worker's Compensation Claims and Personal Injury Cases. For these type of cases we do submit the paperwork to the insurance company and accept the assignment of payment from your insurance.


Payment for services at our office are usually due at the time of the service unless other arrangements have been made.

We accept payment by cash or check as well as Visa, MasterCard.

We also offer patient billing and payment plans for those who would like to make such arrangements.

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